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non-invasive body and chin sculpting


I tried what seemed like a facial! It’s was an interesting experience. It was very relaxing with the music and my session was fast so I could go back to lunch. Completed two treatments and already seeing a reduction in my frown lines


I got their sentimental treatment under my chin because I gained a lot of weight and when I gain weight I gain it Everywhere!! I feel like the sessions are doable, it's just excruciating to have to just sit there still where you can’t talk for about half an hour. I am very happy with my results. I don’t have a turkey neck no more! I will look at their Tempsure Facials next


LaVie Medspa is incredible! When I first entered I was greeted by the front desk and they were very polite and informative. They informed me about all their services; I was very interested in their Sculpsure services because I had some extra baby fat from having my daughter. I was able to sit with their consulting specialists, who were very understanding and made me feel comfortable to be vulnerable about my insecurities. She asked me questions about what areas I wanted to focus on. We took before and after pictures to see my results after I went through 4 treatments. I was nervous because the machine looks straight from a SciFi movie, but it wasn't what I expected; I experienced slight cramping, for me it wasn’t extreme. I liked that my treatment was nonabrasive and short because I could come in during my lunch and still get work done and no one would KNOW!  I didn’t have any bruising, maybe some swelling but after just two treatments I started to see noticeable results, zero complaints from the hubby that's for sure! I will take a look into their Tempsure services to get rid of my cellulite next!


I am very impressed with the new types of technology that is coming out nowadays. I see so many ads online about getting BBLs and other abrasive work done. I see the dark side of cosmetic surgeries like that and it's actually really scary. I always wanted to get rid of my stomach and back fat but I wasn’t about to risk my life and have my family see me like that… I saw a lot of ads on youtube and Snapchat about coolsculpting but I heard about the bruising and how some people actually got bigger off of it. So when I saw that they actually use heat and that theirs gave better results I had to test it myself. I have to say I am very impressed with my results and an extra bonus is that treatment sessions were short, so you're in and out.


Highly recommend this place, I had a big weight loss journey and I always had this stubborn extra skin and fat around my neck. I got a combination of treatments. Sculpsure Sentimental and their Tempsure facial. They were able to work on my neck and face and give me a more youthful appearance. Just 4 more sessions left


After having twins my stomach hasn’t been the same, so much extra skin I couldn’t do anything about it! I’ve tried a bunch of an workouts but I could tighten up my skin down there. I love that they can now treat my excess skin over time so I don’t have to take time off from my family and work for recovery.  I’m already seeing my skin tighten up. I even noticed my stretch marks have Started to fade as well! 


As I got older my neck skin is starting to get looser. I’m in my 60s, lacking the confidence I once had because of it. They were about to use tempsure to help shrink that extra skin. Got 3 more session left. I love their packages and that they have a payment plan so I don’t have to pay at once.

I got their Vitalia service and I highly recommend it!! After the first session I notice an amazing difference, especially in the bedroom 😏. Ladies!!! Please give this a try especially if you gave birth before. You won’t have any complaints if you know what I mean 😉


Sessions quick and easy and I can actually see my results from the outside and feel it on the inside. No more dryness. 

After having a kid I used to pee a little every time I coughed and sneezed after 4 treatments I no longer have this problem… I feel like a person again


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